The Wicked Clowns - ARK Server Rules & Info

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The Wicked Clowns - ARK Server Rules & Info

Post by xRingmastressx » Fri Jul 01, 2016 4:44 pm

RULES & Information:

1. NO BUILDING at the Volcano.
2. NO BUILDING in Caves.
3. Volcano is PvE ONLY... DO NOT kill other Players or other Tribe Dinos here...
4. Do not logout at the Volcano - If you do don't cry if people steal your gear.
5. Killing other people's dinos and not actually raiding is considered griefing. You will get 3 day temp ban, and if you continue a Perm Ban.
6. Excessive Griefing is not allowed - You will get a 3 day temp ban on first offense, if you continue it will become a Perm Ban.
7. No Armored Dinos

*There is a building at the Volcano to be used by everyone on the server. If you leave something, don't cry if someone comes along and takes it.

If you have issues let me know! :)
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