Make the wastelands great again! Join today!

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General Maddog
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Make the wastelands great again! Join today!

Post by General Maddog » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:12 pm

Are you tired of eating sham sandwiches or picking through nasty bird's nests for eggs like a damn peasant? Are you constantly assaulted by bandits who demand that you give them all of your hard earned potatoes? If the answer is yes, then you should consider joining the Wasteland Liberation Force, the most elite group of heroes around. The W.L.F. is a group that is dedicated to restoring order to the wastelands. We here at the W.L.F. make contact with local clans and factions and work out protection contracts with them that assure that they are safe and happy.
We are currently fighting a terrorist group named the Army Of Darkness. We strive to liberate the wastelands from the clutches of these vile terrorists who use cowardly guerilla warfare tactics. Everywhere we engage them their bodies are left on the battlefield as slaughter ensues. We need recruits of all different skill sets. We need fighters, builders, scavengers and intelligence operatives. We have big plans for the future and we hope to see you by our side helping us instead of in our crosshairs because if you aren't with us then you are obviously a terrorist. We will be building a wall to keep out the undesirables from hub city and for this project alone we will need many slaves {edit} workers to accomplish this truly patriotic task. Great people of the wastelands please help us!

Make the wastelands great again!

Add General Maddog on steam and we will set up an interrogation {edit} interview right away!

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