The Bosnian is Cheating

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The Bosnian is Cheating

Post by Lazareis » Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:01 am

Bos logs in, no big deal. He dies and sees he didn't have a bedroll down and spawns some place other than his bedroll he thought he had in his or near his tower. He says I can't touch him, so I set out to show him I can. I get to his base and see him jump down into his pit from the other side I am coming from.

I shoot and kill him with a sniper rifle, and take off because I cannot get the loot and maybe he didn't put a bedroll down and I can get him again.

10 seconds later, he appears next to me and hits me with every shot fired from his AK and loots my bag.

This is not possible to do, without cheating.

At best, he would be in his tower, or at the bottom of the pit where he jumped down and broke his leg. But he appears next to me? Doesn't miss a single shot? He claims to have a bedroll right next to me, but he didn't as he came from the other side of his base than I did. How did he end up RIGHT next to me after I killed him? I was at least 500 meters to 1km away from where he could have AT BEST spawned. Maybe sniped me, but he used an AK and looted my bag before I could respawn.

I know others have said things about Bos. But I have not, and I do hope that you take this seriously. I am sure the server logs can show something to back up what I have said.


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