A16 Arena

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Would you be interested in Weekly Arena Events?

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A16 Arena

Post by xDarkxGamingx » Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:02 am

Hey Guys I plan on building an arena again but instead of doing it randomly I figured setting up a schedule for it would be better.

It will be on Fridays. Around 4pm cst - 8 pm cst. This should give everyone time to prepare.

Of course the other Admins would be free to do their own events if they wish and can set it up however they want.

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Re: A16 Arena

Post by xRingmastressx » Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:00 pm

A few have been asking if you would be making them an arena.
I don't ever wanna sleep again, I'm alone in the world, and I could use a friend.
Could you be that friend, or would you be like all the rest?

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