Further Details Coming Soon - Work in Progress

If you have any server mod or custom recipes create a post in Discord or reach out to either of us. If we feel it is something reasonable we will try and make it happen!

Server Mods:

All mods on the server are created and maintained by Dmustanger.

The link to his mod information can be located here --- Dmustanger's Server Tools/Mods

Custom Recipes:


Server Commands:

!gimme or /gimme - Can be done every 60 minutes for a free item. Item will go into backpack. If inventory is full the item will drop at your feet.

!reward or /reward- Vote for the server at --7daystodie-Servers after you vote type the /reward in the server chat for a free item. This can be done daily, and the item will go into your backpack. If inventory is full the item will drop at your feet.

/weathervote - Type /weathervote into chat. All players will be alerted to an open weather vote where they can type /clear, /rain, or /snow.

/day7 or !day7 - See when the next bloodmoon (horde night) is going to happen.

!killme or /killme - Kills your player.

!stuck or /stuck - Players can type /stuck while to send themself to the surface. Can not be used inside other player's claim space.

!auction or /auction - Players can sell one item stack at a time by putting it into a secure chest they own and typing /auction sell #. The number is how much the price is. Typing /auction shows available items in the auction. /auction buy # will attempt to purchase the corresponding item # from the auction. Profits are sent to the sellers wallet. A player can cancel their auction by typing /auction cancel. Delay_Between_Uses controls how long a player must wait to sell a new item after selling one through the auction. Delay is in hours.

!bounty or /bounty - Players can see the online players and their id by using /bounty. It also shows the current bounty on each player and the cost to add more. The cost of the bounty is based on the player level multiplied by the Bounty setting. Players are awarded the bounty value upon killing the target and a chat message is shown.

!lotto or /lotto - Players can start a new lottery by typing /lotto #. They can check the current lotto with /lotto. To enter a lotto, players must match what the first player opened the lotto value as. When an hour has passed or ten players have entered the lotto, it will draw the winner. If the lotto is full, the winner also gets the Bonus.

!shop or /shop - While enabled, players can use chat command /shop while inside a trader space. /buy # is used to purchase the corresponding item # from the shop list.

!bank or /bank - Players can type /bank to see their bank value. Place casinoCoin into a chest, and type /bank deposit # to withdraw the amount player wants from the box and place it in their bank account. /wallet deposit # takes wallet coins and deposits into the bank. /withdraw # removes the amount the player wants from the bank and places the value into the player's bag./wallet withdraw # removes the amount the player wants from the bank and places it in their wallet.

!wallet or /wallet - The wallet is calculated as follows: PvE = zombie kills + deaths + spent coins + time played.