7 Days to Die Server Rules

General Rules.
1. No Hacking. This will lead to a permanent ban!
2. No Exploiting.
3. No Render Glitching.
4. Items will not be reimbursed if lost. "For Example, my minibike fell through the world. You will not get your bike back."

Rules for Base Building.
1. No Floating Bases. If found, these will be demolished by admin.
2. Bases Built on Stilts can be collapsed by players.

Rules for Base Raiding.
1. No unnecessary destruction.
2. Do not use any explosives on a base.
3. Do not collapse bases.

Rules for PvP.
1. Do not kill fresh spawns more than once unless provoked.
2. Do not "camp" a players spawn unless you are actively raiding their base.

Rules for Base Restoration.
1. Underwater bases will NOT be restored for any reason.
2. Bases built on stilts will NOT be restored for any reason.
3. If your stuff was taken by a former teammate you will NOT be reimbursed.

If caught breaking any rules:
1st offense: "Verbal" warning.
2nd offense: 10 day ban.
3rd offense: Permanently banned.

If you have found a way to cheat and inform the admins of the method and we do not already know about it you will be rewarded.*